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Spirit / πνεύμα

The search for the location of the human soul probably dates back to the awareness of such an entity. The soul was named atman by ancient Indian philosophers, psyche by the Greeks, and anima by the Romans, it has been considered that it resides within the body but is of distinct quality. Many consider it immortal, postulating death to be the consequence of the departure of the soul from the body.
We use the term soul to denote essence as in the phrase ‘prayer is the very soul of religion.’ It is not surprising that we continue to enquire into the essence of man.
Several questions arise when considering the soul.

Sculptures in Rows

Does the soul exist? If it exist, what the soul consists of? When does the soul enter the human body?

Does the soul influence the body, mind, and intellect? Most important where, in the body, does the soul reside?

Is the soul identical with what we term conscience?

Since it animates the live person, does it govern functions of the body beyond the control of the mind, functions termed ‘vital’ by biologists?

What happens to the soul during dreams, anesthesia, trance-like states?

What happens to it after the body dies?

Where and how are acquired characters stored in the nebulous soul?

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