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Hygieia Circle

Strategies for a successful, fulfilling life

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Hygieia, an important figure in ancient Greek mythology and culture, held a prominent role among the offspring of Asclepius and Epione. Her significance extended to various aspects of health, sanitation, and cleanliness, making her a revered deity in the ancient world. Hygieia's primary sphere of influence encompassed the preservation and promotion of good health and overall well-being. She was seen as a guardian of physical and mental wellness, embodying the principles of preventive healthcare and the maintenance of a harmonious and balanced life. Hygieia's presence was often symbolized by distinctive attributes and symbols:

The Snake: One of her most notable symbols was the serpent, which held deep symbolism in Greek culture. The snake was associated with healing and rejuvenation, as it was believed that snakes possessed medicinal properties and could bring about renewal and transformation. This association highlights Hygieia's role in the process of healing and recovery.


The Bowl: Another significant symbol associated with Hygieia is the bowl she carries in her hand. This bowl represented the concept of hygiene and cleanliness. It symbolized the importance of maintaining sanitary conditions and practicing cleanliness as essential components of good health.

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